About Us

Our Mission Statement

We inspire each person to stand ready for disasters small and large. One person, one family one community at a time. – Side by side we can make a difference for life over death.

T.T.F. Education Inc is a company that specializes in first aid and emergency preparedness training. T.T.F. is the new face of first aid.

We take training to a new level.

ttf-education-about-usWhere we began…

T.T.F. Education Inc. is the brainchild of a passionate instructor Tremaine Feit. Tremaine has worked in a variety of fields across Canada that utilized first aid training and attendants. His background ranges from being a paramedic to fire fighting. He has done first aid at major events and concerts. He has trained all ages and groups of people, from cadets, nurses, firefighters, babysitters and those in the general public who are interested in having knowledge and training to help friends and family members or to simply assist at random scenes that they may encounter throughout their life.

Tremaine’s passion for teaching people the fine art of first aid is the driving force behind T.T.F. Education Inc. Over the years it has become clear to Tremaine that there was a lack of quality first aid schools that resulted in substandard first aid attendants. His experience in the field has shown him the importance of a first rate trainer; thus resulting in high quality first aiders and everyday heroes.

We put teaching you how to save lives number ONE.

Why us?

When you take any course with us, you will find that we all love training and we make learning FUN. We are known for being enthusiastic, very entertaining, supportive, knowledgeable, humorous, fun, and unique. All classes at T.T.F. are given in a clear and easy to understand way, by passionate instructors who will put you first.