Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Training

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response Training


Are you prepared for a disaster? We will prepare you and give you the skills you will need to help your family and neighbours in the event of a disaster.

Our Disaster and Emergency Response Training is a not like any other disaster or emergency response training. This training is made up of several classes, that you can take in a fulltime format or 1 class at a time. Our classes will give you the knowledge and skills to look after yourself, family and your community for 72 hours after a major disaster.

Most people expect emergency responders to be available to help right away in a disaster, this is NOT ALWAYS the case. Emergency responders can take hours, sometimes days to arrive. They may not be able to gain access to some area’s due to roads blocked, power lines down ,floods, traffic jams, trains derailed Etc! YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN

Our Basic Disaster Response Training (BDRT) program has many class that you can take to suit your needs.

* Price subject to change without notice

Class: BDRT 1.1
Cost: $ 99 (includes course materials)*
Course Prerequisites: none
Description: This is a 1 day class that has a look at local disasters and the potential effect of extreme emergencies and disasters can have. You will also learn how to be make sure that you are prepared for 72 hours.

Dates for 2018:

January 27

March 31

May 19

July 14

October 20

December 1

Class: BDRT 1.2
Cost: $ 199*
Course Prerequisites: None
Description: This is a 2 day course that will give you the skills to make sure that both you and your family are prepared for a disaster. In this class you will learn about disasters and how to be prepared for them, you will also learn basic fire suppression and how to search for loved ones in case you are separated in a disaster.

This class is prefect for groups, right now we offer this class with private booking only. Contact us for more information or to book your group.

Class: BDRT 3.5
Cost: $ 499*
Dates 2016: December 2 & 9 (evening 6pm-10) 3, 4, 10, 11 (8:30 -4:30)
Course Prerequisites: a valid first aid ticket
Description: This is a 5 day course that builds on the BDRT 1.1 and 1.2 class. This class moves you from just being prepared to make sure that your community is also prepared. Along with this you will also learn about basic disaster psychology, terrorism, triage, search and rescue, fire suppression, as well as ICS.

Dates 2018:

Aug 3,10 (evening 630 -10)4,5,11,12 ( 8:30 – 4:30)


Coming soon are: Basic disaster psychology, Pandemics, Terrorism, Triage, Search and Rescue.